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4 1/4
A playboy photographer is set off balance when odd images and little vignettes start to appear in his frame. A Fellini—esque meditation on identity and the right time to relinquish one’s self.
After June
A short film about three old friends who meet for an afternoon of furniture moving, petty theft, and fortune telling.
A man, whose relationship with his wife is plagued by paranoia and denial, goes on a quest for sustence and emotional relief. What he encounters in the bowels of his city drives him back home to the nest of betrayel in which he takes a deluded sense of comfort.
Apology, The
A middle-aged man confronts the unexpected death of his wife. A haunting story which suggests we wake up and take better care of the ones we love.
Beneficiary, The
Does an accountant get the point when he tries to blackmail a new client he suspects of murder?
Two gods battle for supremacy in the bowling championship at the edge of the world.
Big Bang, The
What happens in a world where intellect takes over and instincts are forgotten?
An elderly man pulls a tooth from his mouth and places it on the tracks of an on coming train. The train excites his memory to the loss of his first tooth, his proudest moment. A whimsical tale of magic, faith and memory in a bleak urban world.
Birthday Boy
A 3D animation set during the Korean War. Little Manuk is playing on the streets of his village and dreaming of life at the front. When he returns home, he finds a birthday present that will change his life.
Brotherly Love
Claire tries to reconcile with her brother after the mysterious death of their father.
But Why?
It all started with a big bang. But what was before that?
Capital V for Virtue
Faith, Hope, Charity, Courage, Temperance, Prudence, Justice. The seven Cardinal Virtues... with a twist.
A lowly writer for a talk show is forced into the limelight when a guest cancels. Adopting a new persona, he swaggers on stage, cops an attitude, and BANG! He’s a hit. But where’s a poor guy to go when he starts at the top?
Clay Pride
It's tough being clay in a world full of real people. Just ask Steve.
Clown Car
Two clowns break down in the middle of the desert and wander for days with nothing to live on but cream pies and seltzer.
Collective, The
One man’s obsession has unexpected consequences.
Coming Down the Mountain
Set in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky. The film follows a father and son as their lives converge and diverge over the course of a single day.
Conversations in Limbo
One man’s odyssey into a Los Angeles back alley on the evening of his birthday.
Crawlspace is a 3D animation exploring the cyclic nature of want and freedom from want, illustrated by one man's journey from need to greed.
Crisis 76
Only the nation's greatest scientific minds can offer some kind of explanation to the sudden catastrophe that has struck the earth. But the only clue they have exists in the year 2004 under the name "Tom Ruprecht"
Dancing Cow, The
Evan Lepsow’s film "The Dancing Cow" has Hollywood calling. The only problem is that Evan’s film is called "Kisses for Eleanor". Is it really his film they want?
A dark comedy about how embittermint and disappointment can drive one to seek-out life's only real solace.
After witnessing the murder of her best friend, a young woman's worst nightmare comes true when she ends up stuck in an elevator with the killer...or so it seems.
Dylan, a lonely, pathetic laboratory worker becomes obsessed with a parcel, let behind by strange woman on a commuter train, with deadly consequences.
Dessert: An End in Three Parts
Rosa is about to embark on a life with Manfred. A luscious look at the rich layers of fantasy, pleasure and guilt in which Rosa indulges in her search for fulfillment.
Does God Play Football
An endearing tale of faith and fate, with the odd miracle thrown in.
We came from Mother Earth and we'll return to Mother Earth. Everything in-between is our spiritual being, living its destiny; we're fulfilling our time here alongside Mother Nature...
Dressing Dad
If your dad wore a dress, would it make him less of a father?
Adam buys a cloning machine on ebay, then clones himself. He hopes his clones will tidy his place up but he soon discovers they are just as lazy as he is.
Eight Seal, The
When Death comes for his latest victim, he is distressed to find out that the intended has changed his mind about going and refuses to die.
One man’s obsession has unexpected consequences.
Eternal Gaze
Inspired by the life and torment of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century - ALBERTO GIACOMETTI - "Eternal Gaze" is a poignant story about an artist, his art, and reciprocated love.
A young chinese girl, studying the art of Kung Fu must face a deadly enemy.
Evil Hill
Young Mr. Evil is the owner of a children’s bookshop. His life changes when the biggest movie star in the world walks in to his store.
Excursion is a visually inventive, comically-charged depiction of one man's efforts to escape his mundane existence in search of something better.
Fierro Chifle (Jinx)
The devil seeks out his next client.
Figures in Motion
1874. The birth of cinema. How far will one man go for the perfect picture?
Fine Line Between Cute and Creepy, The
It’s all about perception! Two women are pursued by two similar men in the same exact way. However, while one woman falls in love with her suitor, the other woman believes she is being stalked!
Fish Bowl, The
The Sunday Afternoon silence is broken when an opportunity for communicatin arises.
Fisherman, The
A carefree yuppie businessman on a lunch break goes fishing at a public fountain to the chagrin of the resident goundskeeper.
Flight is a comic fable on how an air force family deals with change. Their world is falling apart, the gypsy life is hard - they re-establish their life each time they move.
A film about trust, about an accident, about falling out of love and about emerging from grief.
Franks Book
A man beset by boredom finds his writerly ambitions bitterly opposed by enemies both known and unknown deep in the bowels of the Department of Public Works...
George Lucas in Love
Young George Lucas won’t graduate from USC film school if he doesn’t get his screenplay done in the next three days. A parody of "Shakespeare in Love" and an homage to "Star Wars."
Gift, The
Jay has a single day left to declare his love. Will he have the courage?
Going Down
The elevator doors close, and suddenly our neurotic friend finds himself trapped with a raging stranger. Running out of time and options, our victim makes a desperate offer that can’t be refused. “Going Down” offers a glimpse of his personal hell with a wickedly funny twist.
What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistable force?
Great Sascha, The
Tonight things are going to change for the Great Sascha. Tonight, mime becomes real.
Happy Mother's Day
It's hard to get her what she really wants.
Hark! Is that the Roaring of Cannons I hear?
A young actor lands his first role as a guard in an Elizabethan tragedy, but in his excitement to tell all of his friends, he may not make it to opening night on time.
A dark tale of obsession and loneliness. It is the story of a man desperately searching for completeness not only physically but also emotionally.
Hate* a Comedy
What do you do when you are being chased by a homicidal killer? What do you do when no one believes you? What do you do when that killer is a chicken?
A lovesick boombox finds the path to true love with an old gramophone’s help.
An aging hit man searches for a reason to change.
Hold Up
It's time to reveal what's behind the wall.
Home Time
Dennis has never known anything but captivity. Home Time is the story of his hope and his search for a place to belong.
A young man is put to the ultimate test. Will he betray his father, or himself?
House Broken
Two burglars break in to a house while the owners are away. But, they are not the brightest burglars in the world.
How Blue Can You Get?
They were saying "Oh yeah!" but not for him. That’s why they call it "the blues." A man thinks his dreams will come true.
Ace Bivone has been fighting a battle every waking hour,minute,and second of his life. The enemy? Time.
I Am Stamos
There's only one John Stamos...and his name is Andy Shrub.
I Left Me
As the answer to all of his prayers, Adam has a clone made of himself, so he can date the perfect man.
I Love My Cat
A man loves his cat. What will happen next?
I Never Metamorphosis I Didn't Like
A cockroach wakes up under Kafka's "Metamorphosis" changed into a man and is attracted to the nefarious ways of the music industry.
200 years ago, astronaut Kate Riley departed from Titan and was presumed lost forever.
In the Box
A film about space. About a wooden puppet. About a box. And, about the quest for freedom.
In the Morning
When a young Turkish woman is brutally attacked, the responsibility of restoring her family's lost honor is left in the hands of her younger brother: a thirteen-year-old boy.
A young woman’s dreams of a night alone with her lover are horribly shattered.
Reuben learns why he is different. Cowboys and Indians will never be the same.
In the old South Africa, a Xhosa boy is used as a pawn by a white farmer to 'train' his puppy. Ten years later in the new South Africa, both their lives lie in the balance at the mercy of the fully grown dog.
Intelligent Life
Does intelligent life exist? A clumsy robot, a ship full of micro aliens, and a troupe of showbiz clams have the answer!
A boy journeys down his own dark underworld where he is confronted by the vengeful father of his imagination.
It's About My Brother
Biff meets Lorraine through the personals and brings her home with him. They seem to hit it off, but what Biff hasn't told her is that he really wants to set her up with his brother, Ray. When Lorraine discovers this she is appalled. Why can't Ray call her himself, Lorraine asks. "Because…" Biff winces, "because he doesn't have a head." It's About My Brother... is a quirky but ultimately sweet story about guilt and redemption.
Jesus Henry Christ
Henry, a scholarship student with unconventional convictions in a strict Catholic school, is once again sent to the headmaster’s office.
Jigsaw Venus
Love may, after all, be a small piece in life's puzzle, but to Madeline, the picture without its contribution looks incredibly suspended, ready to collapse. This much desired little piece seems to pass her right by until one magical night, she realizes that it was by her all the time. Life is so simple and sweet at times.
Jungle Bunny
What goes around comes around. But this time it comes with a spicy rice and a side salad.
Karlchen's Parade
Karlchen loves marching music, but he has an even bigger infatuation in the band that marches down his street on an regular basis.
Kissing Katie Sanstrom
Was Jack Claire’s true love or was there another; more passionate, more exotic, more real?
Late Shift
A dark, surreal film following a young man on a collision course with his future.
Left Lane Ends
Nothing helps Danny sleep. Until his ritual is invaded by a girl.
Legend of the Scarecrow, The
A lonely scarecrow longs for a more worldly existence in this beautifully animated Spanish short.
Let's Wait
Walking down a street one night, Gina sees her soul in the form of another woman.
Little Echo Lost
The Echo-Man has never questioned his own existence. . .until now.
Live From Deathrow
An inmate on death row is offered the chance to win his pardon by appearing on a new tv reality show.
Love Bites
Barret thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him because he found a piece of hamburger at her place, and she claims to be a vegetarian.
Lunch with Louie
A repressed bureaucrat finds his solitude disturbed by a somewhat friendly, sometimes threatening derelict.
Making Sense
Helle hears colors, sees sounds, and tastes shapes. Welcome to the world of synaesthasia.
Everything he touches turns to gold.
Each day the upstairs man goes out for a jug of milk. Each evening the downstairs woman walks upstairs and borrows... a jug of milk.
A film for all ages about chloroflurocarbons, global warming and radical brain surgery.
Mt. Head
After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows on his head and he gets into alot of trouble.
Odd Jobs
Two boy scouts stumble upon a spooky old house and its macabre owner.
Oh Brother
Four close friends gather for a dinner party, and reveal intimate aspects of their relationships to the title character, Brother.
Oil and Vinegar
A passionate tale of an Olive Oil Bottle and a Vinegar Bottle whose lives intersect for one brief moment.
Old Crocodile, The
A very old crocodile leaves the Nile in search of a new beginning...
One Clean Move
A clever assassin goes after a gangster who is hiding out in a hotel in Latin America.
One Head
Amputofetishism: an extreme, masochistic desire to sever one’s own limbs. Pain, pleasure, it’s all relative.
A group of specialist CIA agents fabricate what looks like a successful srurveillance operation. However the "end" is not what they expected.
Ornaments is a computer-animated short about a mischievous, little Christmas decoration with a hunger for some milk and cookies.
Palace Café
It is late at night. . .and a lonely man dreams of coffee and romance.
Parking Ticket
Why would anyone cross swords with a minute-pinching parking attendant? An archtypal Los Angeles story...
Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon
It’s the day after the day that will live in infamy, and Pearl Harbor is under attack again... by asteroids! This parody of Bruckheimer films PEARL HARBOR and ARMAGEDDON, proves once and for all... War movies are Hell!
Perpetual Motion
Combining Cats and Jelly Toast yields suprising results.
A case study of agoraphobia and claustrophobia.
Project Vlad
Vlad is a Russian chimpanzee cosmonaught. A victim of coldwar politics.
A short comedy about a man in a queue, just standing around.
A young suicide bomber hesitates before her final act in the New York City subway. After leaving the subway, she finds herself alone in New York without the means of removing the explosives that someone else has attached to her body, thus physically trapped into her choice.
Redfern Beach
Max needs to choose between money and love. An old bagman gives Max a magic fishing lure. Colour begins to seep into his life and the choice becomes clear.
1912. A young domestic servant’s willing submission, in fact, disguises a fierce determination to change.
Restorationists, The
Explore the psychological effect of a father and son team as they clean up bloody murder scenes.
A decade by decade analysis of Australian music and pop culture.
Can a man change the order of his life by rearranging his furniture?
A film about chance, coincidence, and fate.
Robber, The
A robber winds up locked inside an apartment after the owner escapes. He knows the police must be on their way, but he can’t seem to find a way out.
Roses are an old woman’s only continuum; a link to the past, an anchor to the present.
Salad Bowl: A Carrots Tale
When the early morning sun breathes life in to an olive oil bottle and her vegetable minions, a game or carrot bowling is set to ensue.
Sammy Blue
A little boy wants to escape the white noise reality of his everyday life.
Pip finds the value in his time with grandpa after he encounters the diversion of satellite TV.
Say Something
Irene is a young blind girl that is in love with a book reader's voice.
Self Portrait
Faced with the equisite portrait of his lover, Ran must reveal his own to keep her.
Two metallic eagles come to life in a surreal tale of loving gestures, and of salvation from the light.
After finding an anonymous love letter a repressed housewife turns her neighborhood upside down in this tale of adulterous passion.
Sexy Girls / Sexy Appliances
One could never imagine - or perhaps they could - that household appliances could be so sexy.
Some Folks Call it a Slingblade
A young inexperienced reporter comes to an asylum to interview a man who is about to be released twenty-five years after commiting a double murder.
Speeding Ticket, The
A motorist's excuse to get out of a speeding ticket goes very, very wrong.
Winning is Everything. Tragedy is Entertainment. Controversy is media gold.
Stealing the Skies
One man’s hunger for human contact in a steel hearted city.
Stories From My Childhood Volume 3
This delightful volume includes "The Nutcracker", the wonderful Italian fairy tale "Wishes Come True", and "House on Chicken Legs".
Stories From My Childhood Volume 5
This volume includes the animated tale "Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet" based on the award winning book by Russian sci fi writer Kir Bulichov and "The Last Petal" which is based on the book by V. Kataev.
Stories From My Childhood Volume 7
On this volume is one of Russia's best loved Fairy Tales, "Ivan and His Magic Pony." In a succession of adventures Ivan a simple country lad and his magic pony, capture a living firebird, kidnap a mystical sea-maiden, and bring back a ring from the bottom of the ocean.
Stories From My Childhood Volume 9
This volume includes the wintery classics "Twelve Months" and "The Snow Girl."
Sunday Morning
Andy and Cathy wake up together. They are tired, hung over, naked and are meeting for the first time..sober.
Passion, violence, and fuel efficiency.
A brief but sensual ride through the rapture and realities of love.
Sweet Mercy
A panicked man comes face to face with his own demons after dumping his girlfriends body.
Tango Flush
Ever wonder why the lines are so long outside the ladies room? What are they doing in there?
Tea for Three
Three gangsters and a tea pot.
Tea Time
When a starving Soldier spots a Gentleman on the battlefield having tea sitting next to a tea table with a delicious baked goodie on it, then the Soldier’s mission becomes: liberate that pastry, until the Soldier finds out he’s in for a big surprise. In War, nothing is what it appears to be.
Tell it to the Fishes
The tide is slowly coming in and Finn, a worthless low-rent hood, has been dropped on an isolated beach, his feet set in concrete. Finn's misery is compounded when Jack, a short, hard and edgy minor gangster responsible for his predicament, lands a few yards away, feet also set in concrete.
The Projectionist
Set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966, this short tells the story of a projectionist who accidentally inverts a film featuring Chairman Mao. The townsfolk and Red Guard are so enraged by the upside down image of one of China's most feared and revered leaders that the innocent mistake results in dire consequences for the projectionist
Third Note, The
Two different people from different wolds come together and make a special connection.
Three Chords and a Wardrobe
All you need is three chords and a wardrobe and you’ve got the perfect pop song. Relationships aren’t that simple.
Together 4 Ever
A young man forces his girlfriend’s hand by manipulating her in to abandoning her dream of making it in the "Big City".
Tower, The
Is the 20th century killing us?
Triple Word Score
Two octogenarian sisters communicate only through scrabble.
Trust Me
Misplaced faith sets an ex-nun in the path of a faithless runaway. Together they discover a past that is briefly entwined and moments of trust which bind them.
A young boy's perspective on life is colored by an early mishap, but nothing can dull Vincent¹s hopes for a bright future full of love.
Visas and Virtue
A Japanese diplomat and his wife, stationed in Lithuania at the beginning of World War II, risk everything to grant visas, and save the lives of thousands of Jews.
Warren Show, The
Behind Warren’s mask is a normal 17 year old. Behind every normal family is a disaster waiting to happen.
White Tree, The
A shy solitary man opens up to the world thanks to a chance encounter. But there’s a price to pay...
Youth In Us, The
A young couple confronts a painful future by looking to the past.
Zen Tale, A
Seeing can be far from believing.
Zit, The
A young boy on his way to his school dance is forced to deal with his first pimple problem--and what a problem it is!
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